If you are sensitive then find another charity page.  Sometimes it ain’t good. This ain’t good.

I received a lot of stick when Tia moved into horse rescue. It started back at Sowerby Bridge, behind the tip with an old Irish Draught mare called May Queen and then the word got around we were taking in heavy horses. I think we were up to seventeen by the time of the move. Horses live an awfully long time and we have had limited success in rehoming. Who has room for a Clydesdale these days.

As we settled at Millrace we became aware of another problem, one we knew nothing about previously. Dead and abandoned cobs, generally foals.  It’s an epidemic around here at this time of year and is a constant drain of our resources at a time when the greyhound industry is beginning to wobble. Tia costs a packet to run and yet again we don’t know where to turn. This is why.

I picked up five yesterday. We are still looking after last years cobs which have been gelded. No-one wants them. All horse rescues are bursting. That is the hard cold reality of reckless over-breeding in the country, be it shires, racehorses or gypsy cobs. I know I should refuse them. I know. They could well bring us down and around 150 lives that breathe more easily because we exist will be in peril. If Tia fails some of our horses will go through auction rings and may end up as meat. Suits wont bloody care.

Today’s phone call brought this. The foal had been hanging out of her for four hours at least. It took six of us and a vet to extricate the dead foal out of her body. The mare is still unconscious and her baby is now at the Pet Crematorium. Her eventual fate is still uncertain. The bill could possibly run into thousands. The strain on the rescue, the staff and Tia’s friends is now intolerable.

I cannot walk away from these mares and their offspring. Maybe someone stronger can and I have to admire the ice water in your veins Oh and three more dogs came in today. We have had 83 dogs in already this year.

And then this arrived tonight. A tiny new foal. Welcome to the world little man. Such that it is.

Please. If you can afford to contribute to these bills make a donation. We cannot keep launching from crisis to crisis and yet again we find ourselves at breaking point. The work we do is too valuable and the alternative unthinkable.