Recently one of our supporters, 9-year old Eliza, was challenged to come up with a presentation for her school assembly. We received the below from her letting us know how this went…

“My name’s Eliza Turner and I am 9 years old. In year 5 we have to do class assembles. I decided to do mine about Tia Rescue. I decided this because I realised how cruel it is to race greyhounds and I tried to think of a rescue. The one I thought of was Tia Rescue because we have 1 Tia dog called Daisy and 1 Tia puppy called Blu. I went to Tia and interviewed Debs and took some photos of all the animals. I did a power point for my assembly and I got star of the week certificate in my class. My goal was to make people in my class to sponsor or even re-home a Tia dog and to make them realise what good work Tia Rescue does.”

As you can see from the certificate she’s holding in the picture, Eliza received excellent feedback from her teacher: “An excellent class assembly. You worked hard at home to gather the information. You created an interesting slideshow for the class, and you spoke clearly and confidently”

Congratulations on doing such a great job Eliza, and thanks for spreading the word about what Tia do!