Recent cases of dog neglect
Clydesdale Charles pastures new
That’s the last mate.
Tia was asked by a trainer to take in in some ex-racers. We have dealt with this guy for years and have turned a blind eye to more than one of his dodgy moves. Once we really had to help him out but we never seem to learn. Girls, as you know, are easier to home than boys, and a few winners on the homing front enabled us to offer him places for three girls.
It meant putting off a few other trainers but with a bit of shuffling, we could do it.
The courier van arrived and imagine our surprise when one of our new arrivals turned out to be a big black male. We all looked again. Yes no doubt, his apparatus was blowing in the wind (as a previous kennel staff once put it).  A swift exchange of increasingly hostile emails pinged back and forth over the Pennines, culminating in his threat not to honour his cheque as our donations are extortionate. We could also have refused to accept the dog!  We aren’t into that.
We note you didn’t have the guts to come yourself by the way. If you lie down with dogs there is usually one outcome and I need my head read for dealing with you in the first place.
So an apology is due to the other trainers who between them have twelve males to come in and wait patiently for a space, particularly to the guy who had to reschedule his own arrangements at last minute thanks to the lack of professionalism of his fellow sportsman. We’ll ring as soon as there is a space, promise.


A Quote from Mr Heaton, races at Belle Vue

“hi at £100 a dog I wouldn’t bother weren’t forced to accept the dog and could have sent it should have rung me.your prices are exorbitant and you have managed to make certain we couldn’t afford more.bother again I couldn’t .the trouble with you millionaires is greed.”

Last night Saturday 14th June at Belle Vue dog track – Ballymac Music was to be exploited for the last time and was destroyed after having broken her neck.
Dave Heaton – husband to ‘professional trainer’ Bev Heaton – claims she was the ‘eighth dog finished this year with injuries’
These dogs include:
Tyrur Mannion – 3 year old white and blue male sustained a broken leg on March 19th 2014. Destroyed. Owner Mrs B Heaton.
Dacent Acorn – 4 year old white and brindle female sustained a broken hock on March 26th 2014. Operated on and used for breeding. Owner Mr D Heaton
Ballymac Leith – 2 year old dark brindle female sustained a broken leg in a first bend collision on 12th April 2014. Destroyed. Owner Mr D Heaton
Tyrur Morcelli – 3 year old black and white male sustained a broken leg on June10th 2014. Destroyed. Owner Carolines Salsa.
Ballymac Music – 2 year old dark brindle female PUPPY sustained a broken neck on June 14th 2014. Destroyed. Owner Mr D Heaton.

At least 4 greyhounds destroyed by one trainer in 4 months due to injuries. Bev Heaton is just one of the 805 GBGB licenced ‘trainers’. Greyt Exploitations estimates that at least 1,500 greyhounds are destroyed every year – injured and deemed no longer suitable as a ‘betting product’