Aria on foster

Breed: Lurcher
Sex: Male

About ME

Finn is a gentle soul, he greets you with his eyes and a tail wag.He watches every move as the Greyhounds go out for their walks.
He needs to be out of kennels and around people
He’s not really a well dog. He needs a retired owner with a garden and lots of tummy tickles.

Finn has Water Diabetes, this is treated with daily eye drops. Tia Rescue will pay for his ongoing vet bills

Contact Tia Rescue about me

Call Deb on: 07974 960684
Visit us at: Tia Rescue, Mill Race Farm, Wroot Road, Doncaster DN9 3DY
Email us at: rehoming@tia-rescue.org

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Aria on foster

Breed: Greyhound Sex: Female Age:7years About Me