What you don’t see when you come to Tia looking for a dog is the very long list of dogs i have waiting to come in. Yes you will come and fall in love with the pretty little girls, but when i say it is only boys that we are homing it is for a reason. A very important reason.

We have a lot of single boys here at Tia and if you take one of these boys i can fetch another dog and bitch into the kennels. So in fact you are not helping one, you are helping three…That makes a massive difference.

At the present time i have 15 boys and 4 girls waiting to come in. We have fetched 4 girls in this week and a lurcher boy.

We have dogs (boys ) in the vet room, in crates in the office and i have 9 over at the large dog kennel (house)..

There are 3 boys advertised on a greyhound site as i am typing this. Free to a Good Home….Like that is going to happen. Just pray he will keep them. He won’t..

The racing industry is still trying to convince everyone that all the greyhounds get retirement homes and live happily ever. All the track have homing schemes.

What an absolute loads of hogwash….the sooner we get this other kennel block up the better.

Still there isn’t a problem with greyhound racing. Is there?


Max is having a Greyt life

Max is having a Greyt life

Another Tia of Joy from the Tia Rescue

Hiya, I just wanted to let you know we’re having a great time with, the now know as, Max as he is fun, lovable and charismatic. I thought I’d drop some photos in. Love the Mills’
Is it time for you to think about adopting a Greyhound?

Exmoor Ponies Pixie and Dixie

Exmoor Ponies Pixie and Dixie

Pixie and Dixie
Two Tia Rescue superstars looking for pastures new. If you are able to adopt these stunning Exmoor ponies contact Deb

Beyond the rope

Beyond the rope

Any visitor to our kennels cannot fail to notice that our kennel block is divided into two sections. Beyond the rope is a no-go area to most. There you find the sponsor dogs, the elderly and frankly a growing number of dogs who are just not safe out in the wide world. As of this morning, we have 31 of these greyhounds, representing over a third of kennel capacity. Some are on our sponsor page but most just form part of an anonymous back catalogue which still needs love, care and feeding at regular intervals. Kennel staff tend to have their favourites as they are part of the family.

Visitors don’t see these if we can help it. Ross isn’t worth the risk. If Tia were the NHS our little family would be labelled bed-blockers among the cynical and suits. We are not into that. For some time Tia people have been working on a solution and thanks to them we are now within striking distance of making a dream come true.

It could not have been done without their help and here and we wish to voice our appreciation for their sore feet, head shaves, diets and coffee mornings. We thank those who have rattled, badgered and applied for grants. We also have come to know a fantastic young man who silences any moaners about the youth of today. Our Karen and Bev are running 100 km on the 14th July (hell’s teeth!) and Steve still has blisters from the Three Peaks last week. Tia thanks everyone for sponsoring our very own Tia Treasures. So do I.

Big schemes have big sums and there we needed fortune to smile on us. After a fairly rough year, well documented and rejoiced by those with questionable priorities, Tia has been blessed with news of two wonderful legacies. One from Support Adoption for Pets has already bequeathed £50K and more announcements will be made later regarding the other. I can hardly believe it.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this development. Aside from providing a settled home for our own family, we will be better positioned to cope with the future influx of greyhounds that are undoubtedly heading our way as the racing industry becomes unstable. We have a waiting list of 30 ex-racers, the vet room is full and a lurcher is on its way as I write. It just takes one track in Yorkshire to topple and all the rescues will be swamped.

Thanks to your help we can now make a difference and make the phone call.

Ross, Snitch, Ruby and Deb Rothery thank each and every one of you.

The Greyhound Guide by Jannie Griffiths

The Greyhound Guide by Jannie Griffiths

This fantastic little book is an absolute must for anybody wanting to rehome a greyhound. Full of information from cats to treats. It has been written   who has over 15 years experience of working in greyhound rehoming and kennels and 25 years living with them in her family home.
15 pages if wisdom and love to help us all understand our hound that bit more.
Available from Tia Dog shop for £2.00

Its a dogs life at @ Tia  House of Hounds. A Dog friendly venue

Its a dogs life at @ Tia House of Hounds. A Dog friendly venue

Dog-friendly venue

it’s a dog’s life……

Tia Rescue House of Hounds Cafe, paddock and shop is for more than just Greyhounds. Large and small dogs welcome. Perhaps you run a specific breed group and want to meet up, do some off lead training or want that dog-friendly venue for a big get together. Maybe you have a pop-up shop, Contact Tia see if we can meet your needs. We are promoting is a dog’s life at Tia Rescue because we just love HOUNDS

Come and visit, bring your dogs for a great chance to meet like-minded people and relax

A great meeting place

Sit and relax in the cafe

large and small dogs welcome

Plenty of food for the hound

Dog friendly cafe

Not just for Greyhounds

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