The Baby Horse

I was in the office last night at 7pm when the phone rang. It’s strange that noise it makes, it’s not the normal ring, it’s the dreaded ring.  Deep breath  “i’m sorry i didn’t know who else to ring”

I saw him on Friday just after he was born…a tiny white baby foal in one of the fields nearby.  I went to check on him and he ran off with the herd and his mom.  A beautiful sight.

“there’s a foal in the field, it’s in the same place from when i passed three hours ago, i think it’s dead”

Off we went, me and Bob.  We put him in the pick up. His mom was shouting as we left the field. A horrible, sad noise.

Seeing a dead horse is awful. Seeing a dead baby horse is sickening.

He is buried here next to the young  roe dear that didn’t quite clear the fence….sleep tight little man…



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Dental care and your Greyhounds

Recently I took my greyhound to the vets for his annual booster.  After the vet examined him he told me that said his teeth needed cleaning and that this would cost in the region of £300-£500, depending on how many extractions were needed. They sold me some Plaque Off and told me to bring him back in another month to check his teeth again, but the vet told me that he suspected that his teeth were too bad for the Plaque Off to work.
Feeling slightly uneasy about all this, I messaged Tia to see if they had any advice about teeth.  Tia replied and told me to give him a raw knuckle bone from the butchers. Also, I sent Tia pictures of his teeth and Tia said that his teeth didn’t look too bad at all! Anyway, I bought him a knuckle bone and he happily chomped away on it all afternoon. When I looked at his teeth the following morning, I couldn’t believe it  – most of the solid coating of plaque that had covered some of his back teeth had vanished!  Buying a £1 bone had saved me hundreds of pounds! Not to mention all the stress and discomfort my poor dog would have suffered had he gone through with the vet’s cleaning operation.
Thank you, Tia, for your great advice.
Sweetie female Greyhound needing care

Sweetie female Greyhound needing care

Sweetie a beautiful black Greyhound
Just look into her eyes she is beautiful
Please share her story and if you can help us help her by Donating a small amount. Without your help and support, Sweetie would still be out there

She arrives at Tia Rescue, infested with flees with sore areas on her back and legs. Her gums are inflamed, red and tender
The kennel staff gently washed her with warm water and shampoo, giving her reassurance and a soft word throughout. The poor girl was so apprehensive and shivering, but the flees started to jump ship one by one.
She will now receive flee treatment, be seen by the vet and have her teeth and gums treated. She is now in a snuggly bed and comfortable at Tia Rescue



Wow, somebody is going to be very lucky

A few Tia Rescue Greyhound puppy photos to start and cheer up your day
What a Handsome boy he is….

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