Cher. Been here too long

Meet Cher. I got you Babe
Let her be your BABE
At 4 years old
Cher a very different greyhound
Her ears point forward
She sits down
Rests on your feet
Shorter legs huge snuggles
She is very special
Visit Tia Rescue and ask about adoption


Thank you Jade and her dancers

A big thank you to Jade Mee and her Burlesque Chair Dance team. They put on a great night and raised lots of money for Tia Rescue
Also belated Thanks to Karen and her dragon boat team the Cox-less Pears for their fantastic fundraising at Doncaster Lakeside.
Any ideas for more fundraising, don’t be shy give it a go for Tia Rescue


Bit of Pilates

Bit of Pilates

My Way Longley, raced at Belle Vue but when he was no longer of any use his owner left him at the trainers with the instruction “put him to sleep” and promptly stopped paying the kennel bill.
Fortunately the trainer and a “greyhound friend” arranged for him to come here..
19/06/16 he came to Tia. Keen as hell, another black dog, slowly making his way down to the sponsor end of the kennel block like so many others here, inevitable replacements for the Blythes, the Hansons and the Tys as they leave us.
Fortunately his new mom saw past this and here he is. Much loved and happy.


Tia Summer Fair and Fun Dog Show Sun 27th Aug

Just a reminder that the Tia Summer Fair and Fun Dog Show is on Sun 27th Aug, and that we still need donations of items for the Mystery Jar stall (can contain original contents or sweets, toys, gifts etc,, for adults or children and must be wrapped to hide the contents), the Tombola, and the bottle stall. All donations can be dropped off at the kennels.

Volunteers also needed on the day. Please contact Janice by email if you can help –

New Website

We have a firm coming out on Monday. We need a new site. If anyone has any ideas or can point me in the direction of sites they like best. Please feel free to share.

It is not something i have much interest in, but something we need..

Thanks Deb

Matilda and Tia











































So here goes….I have had several conversations this week regarding the awful situation in China… I have been asked if Tia can take in any greyhounds from over there and my answer is no.

No because i can’t cope with all the dogs here in Yorkshire, let alone anywhere else.

In the last 4 weeks we have had 6 lurchers in. 3 from social services where the dogs have been taken away from houses. 1 lurcher that is either epileptic or has just overdosed on class A drugs, he did vomit up a plastic bag so it’s probably the latter. 2 lurchers from the stray kennel, Mount Pleasant in Doncaster. The council would have put one of them down he was so badly injured and they would only pay the first £100. Thankfully Steve coughed up the other £250….There aren’t many stray kennels that would have done this. And a whippet.

And 17 greyhounds….The youngest is 11 months and has hurt her shoulder, she will never race. The oldest is Matilda above. Matilda is 8yrs old although she looks a lot older. Her teeth are disgusting and her claws are the longest i have ever seen.  GBGB registered, Southwest Weefee her racing name. Last raced at Doncaster. Found on a main road 10 minutes away from here.

The other 15 all have their own stories and one thing in common. They are safe here at Tia.

24 dogs in, in 30 days.

So i am sorry but my answer is no…Tia’s services are still very much needed here, in Yorkshire….Deb