Goodbye old boy. Sleep tight…


GREY-POUND  at Tia Rescue.
 Collect your old pound coins, they go out of circulation October 2017.
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Take my Paw 

Thankyou. Tia Rescue was one of the 10 lucky recipient rescues to receive a £100 donation from Take My Paw

There were over 45 rescues nominated this time so it was really hard!!!!

Thank you everyone that did nominate. We now need the rescues to get in contact via our Facebook page.
We have 15 event coming up soon so hopefully another share is not too far away!!! 


We all know about Shae’s 2 puppies that were born earlier in the year. Well Finch has gone to live happily ever after but i don’t think that Bumble is going to make it. He has vomited since birth. He is a beautiful little chap who doesn’t know how poorly he is.

To cut a long story short, myself, Wendy and Ash, the veterinary nurse who has cared for him at home for the past four weeks, are all heading off tonight down south to a specialist referral centre. We have an appointment early tomorrow morning.

I really, really hope that he can be fixed. Poor little mite…

I will have to say goodbye to Blythe tonight. The vet is coming tomorrow..

It’s going to be a very worrying day…Deb

Help Tia

Please Donate…… Help Tia help them
Just one week ago the young colt died despite all the efforts to rescue and save his life. We were inundated with support and messages on Facebook. Prior to this two young horses were saved from certain death and now graze onsite at Tia Rescue.
We really appreciate your support. Thank you. Please SHARE
Tia Rescue will continue to endevour to rescue and rehabilitate cases like this. 
We need your help and support to do this. The cost to do this is very high. With vet call outs, investigations, treatment and care, these two cases alone have cost in excess of £1500 .
Please text DOGS00 to 70070 to DONATE or press donate on the Facebook page. Every little bit helps.
Lets give these ponies a chance. There is an alternative
A bale of hay costs £35
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