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We have been here nearly 2 years now. This time last year we were in financial trouble. But we got through it. The reason we got through it is because people believe in Tia.

The first grant came from Support Adoption for Pets, £35,000 towards a new kennel block. But as the year went on, we couldn’t find the rest of the money to build it and were in danger of losing the grant.

In stepped an anonymous donor…£48,000..all bills cleared….A glimmer of hope was appearing…

Then came the niece of an old friend who had died. She has funded the rest of the kennel build and the bloody newt survey….A light at the end of the tunnel…

Then in January a couple appeared with a cheque…damn i thought they were coming to foster…Ryves clearly needs a girlfriend…oh well….

Well i had to put my glasses on for that one….I couldn’t beleive it…£100,000…yes really £100,000.

Are you going to pay it off the mortgage? Hell no, we are going to build, kennels, stables, and more kennels.

So on we are ploughing. The kennel block is almost finished, the newt survey is under way and a new stable block on order.We have a bit of money in the bank. It doesn’t last long though. We have outgoings every month of between £30,000 and £40,000…

But we are still here and we have a fantastic team down here too. A bloody fantastic team….

And the icing on the cake…We are now working closely with not only Askern Greyhound Stadium but Stainforth Dog Track too….they also want to now use Tia. So there we have it, that is the reason we moved. We just need to do something more to get these dogs rehomed…

Thanks to everyone. Every penny really does help….every penny….


Jennifer – go girl!

Jennifer is raising money to help Tia Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue

You might remember me. I and my husband Grant, have adopted a few dogs from you in the past , Ronnie, Maverick ( Sunny ) and Maci. I am running the London marathon on 23rd April, and wondered if you would be happy for me to run on Tia’s behalf to raise money. If you are, I will get a just giving page set up and will get your name printed onto my running vest. It would be great if you would be happy for me to run for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Jennifer baker


Care and welfare at Tia rescue

The daily care and welfare of the dogs and horses at Tia rescue.
Your donation and support enable this excellent work_DSF3219Francis201702071 _IAN8232Francis201702071 _DSF2859Francis201702071 _IAN8328Francis201702071 _IAN8188Francis201702071 _IAN8165Francis201702071_DSF3052Francis201702071_IAN7585Francis201702071

Reverend Kate visit Tia shop

Reverend Kate checking out the Tia visitors centre shop. she found some great bargains.
Visit one of our shops and see whats for sale..,,,
Ashby and Armthorpe shops opening soon_IAN0494Francis201702071

Reverend Kate from Gogglebox, opening of new kennel block.


Kate getting greyhound snuggles from Michael

The Tia kennel is officially open.
It was a very special day, a real dog fest. Lots of hounds turned up including the wonderful Buster the Greyhound
Kate and Graham did a fantastic meet and greet with all the dogs and showed great enthusiasm for Tia rescue and the dogs here. Touring the site , especially the new kennel block and spent time with every single Greyhound. With some very special hugs for Michael. Molly and Glen were present to help cut the ribbon.Beautiful blues, so special
Three cheers for Tia rescue , Buster, the Reverend Kate and her family. Thank you
_IAN0330Francis201702071 _IAN0351Francis201702071

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