The Bandana Challange

The Bandana Challenge was brilliant. Although we didn’t break the record we still had the fantastic amount of 480 dogs clocked in.

There are too many people to thank, so just to say a massive thank you to everyone.

About £8,500 was taken….that isn’t all profit, but still a fabulous amount. The most we have ever raised on an open day.

We have learned a few things too and will hopefully make it even bigger and better next year.

We had people drive in from Dorset, fly in from Blackpool and come in by train..

It was a grand day out…

Thanks guys……Deb



If anyone can think of ways to improve the day can you please email me….i have seriously thought  about having the Open Day on a different weekend as so many people were on holiday…

Donate a bale

Thanks Guys,

These fine future citizens from our local day nursery Flying Start & Coneygarth Farm donated a bale of hay for our donkeys and shires. Albi and the boys say thanks.

A lovely thing to do.

IMG_9514 (800x533)IMG_9516 (800x533)

IMG_9518 (1024x683)

Homes updated

We have rehomed quite a few dogs recently.  Noel, Gallgher, Maryan, Carson, Angel, Patsy, Jacko, Levi, Asia and the lovely Lenny.

Lenny never made it onto the website. His family were waiting in the yard when he jumped out of his previous, racing, owners van..

Good luck guys, hope you all have a lovely retirement…


And now…..Mel, Philomena, Mason, Kim, Flash and Rory…

Good luck to you all….if you don’t like it, you can come back, but give me warning, your kennels are already full…..Deb



Tia are going to be featured on MADE IN LEEDS. The greyhound segment will be featured this Monday 15th 18.30 and the Shires section on Monday 22nd at 18.30

They can be watched on

At 18.30 and 21.30 on those evenings

102( Flash) and 101(LuLu)

102 dogs we now have at Tia…

2 rehomed Tuesday and 2 in from Askern last night….One that I had gone to pick up and the other that ran lame whilst I was there.

And welcome Flash, today. No 102…..a beautiful little whippet x saluki…He has been in a lovely home for the past 2 yrs. He desperately needs to be back in another one asap….He is too cute….

Lulu is back at Tia today…her leg plated…she is the sweetest little girl….fingers crossed she will be fine….6 weeks of cage rest…she is up in the vet room…she’ll be bored but she is safe, and fixed…



No 101… Lulu….

This is how many dogs we have at Tia….This little, not yet 2yrs old, beautiful greyhound girl is in the vets as we speak, probably on some fantastic pain relief. Her leg is swinging, so broken only the skin is holding it together. It wasn’t done racing, she did it running about with another dog. Fortunately they brought her to us. The outcome could have been very different.

If it can be fixed it will be, if not it will be amputated…

Good luck Lulu……welcome to Tia…..

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