So is the new track that we have done around the 20 acre field….It’s to walk the dogs…on the way back you cut through the orchard and back to the kennels. It’s a lovely walk…..Too far for puppies though…..Deb

Bandana Page

Hi everyone, please check out the Bandana Challenge page.

There are 2 flyers to download.

One for the Open Day/Bandana Challenge and one promoting Tia as a venue. We can cater for any event…..

Please print off and spread the word.

Thanks Deb

Jimmy AKA Zero


Hi Debra,

Thought I would share this with you as a success story. We came to you in Sowerby about 10 years ago and ended up going home with Jimmy (now Zero). Zero and my daughter have grown up together, now both 12ish and they are best friends. He steals everything he can get his paws on, will not get up when you need him to, will not go outside in the rain but she will not have a word said against him. I think this picture says it all 
He is still plodding on getting old but not caring. 

Thank you 


To cut a very, very long story short. After the year from hell, we have won our fight with Lodden Engineering.

They have given us our money back and are paying all the legal costs. We can also keep the building…

The building is now up for sale. I will post the full details of it later. We have given ourselves a 2 month window to get the new kennel block in the yard, ready to go up. We will then have 2 weeks to drop/sell/ beat with a big stick the building and put a new one up….A proper one like we had before….I can’t tell you what a fantastic party that will be….

We are hoping it will be done for the Open Day/Bandana Challenge.. The downside is, we are having to reduce the number of dogs to do this….We have around 90 at the minute…I will be asking nearer the time for foster homes and yes a lot will have to go back on to allotments for that 2 week period…

Unfortunately with this, the shops and lots of other stuff going on I have had a rubbish year, which floored me on Tuesday when I lost Witchy,  one of a litter that were acquired from Milnsbridge, 13 years ago….and my first ever pony, little WizWoz, he was 20 years old… But what floors most people just makes me more determined…..

Watch this space…..Deb

Freddie & Piper


Two of our lovely oldies enjoying the sunshine at Mill Race Farm…Wise, content, lovely old dogs…..Deb

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