When a lady rang saying she losing her farm what could I say?

On Thursday we picked up 2 ponies, a horse and the delightful Albi. He was picked up weeks ago in Barnsley, severely underweight with his hooves curling upwards. He is still very thin, but he has the sweetest nature. The vet thinks he is between 15 and 20 years old. His teeth are a mess so that’s probably why he’s so thin. The horse dentist is coming next weekend so I will update more then.

Albi will be staying here and will be available for sponsorship…..Deb



Yogi came to Tia about 9yrs ago. If I remember rightly he had been wandering for a while in Sheffield and 2 ladies had been feeding him. They eventually caught him and brought him to Tia. A greyhound. Really? He was a nervous wreck. Terrified of his own shadow. When Katie came forward to rehome him, I knew he would be safe. Katie helped out at the kennels behind the tip in the early days when she was a teenager….Thank you Katie, a lot…..Deb

‘My family and I are very sad to say that on Thursday 10th March we had to have Yogi put to sleep. He was ten years old and had a fantastic life.

He loved our children and gave the whole family all of his love. Even though he had a rocky start in life he learned to trust us and was the best dog we could have asked for.

He was often found curled up on the sofa which he wasn’t allowed on, curled up on the bed which he wasn’t allowed on and taking food from our two year old which he wasn’t supposed to do. He was a giant dog with a giant heart and everyone he knew loved him to bits, with the exception of the local takeaway delivery guy.

His favourite food was corned beef, he hated any potato based product (yes including chips) and he hated having his picture taken. The one of him up Norland looking at the Alpacas that I sent was a rare gem.

Thank you to everyone at Tia and Deb especially for letting him be part of our family, the house is far too quiet without him and he will be missed always.

Katie, Jon & Fam

Cole Update

Carol Stevens  Cole  Web 31 July 2015 003

We are going to loose Cole very soon…He is 12yrs old and has lived at Tia for 10years….He hasn’t gone grey at all and looks fantastic, but he is poorly, something is festering in his stomach…It was only last week he was still trying to drag the horses down. I’ve never seen him this quiet..I am very, very worried….Deb


Cole was put to sleep last Thursday….in his bed. No stress, just a long, long sleep. Miss you big fella….Deb

The truth about Marsden

The truth about the Marsden shop is this:

The first few months of trading didn’t make any money for Tia. The manager at that time, although she said she had experience. She clearly had not.

When Jane was the manager she worked her socks off and turned it around. Whilst Jane was there, she did make around £1,400 a month for the dogs.

When she left, it took a nosedive, almost immediately. Despite all our best efforts, the staff that have been there over the past few months, clearly had their own agenda.

The shop was a filthy disgrace.

So over the past few weeks, we have been going through procedures, toeing the line. Van loads of stock was taken to the other shops and a skip was ordered.

No matter how many times we asked, told the staff to sort the shop out, they didn’t.

On Thursday, it took four of us to clear the shop out. And all throughout this disgusting chore, one of the staff and his group of friends were trying to get Bob and John to fight them…What they really wanted was the cash tin. Thankfully it had early been put in the wagon out of reach.

Not easy reading I know. But I am sick of it. Sick to the back teeth of people thinking they can do what they want and treating us as they see fit. There are a few more of you out there who the cap fits….

We are struggling to make ends meet here. But we will, inspite of you lot…..Because actually you don’t matter. The only thing that matters to me is these beautiful, abused dogs…..Deb

Just to make you smile..

Katie on her bed

We adopted Katie (previously Cee) from you in June 2005 when we ‘best guessed’ she was about 2 or 3. Katie has 3 holidays a year over in the Isle of Man and travels with own bed to rest her old bones when we stop places. She is very loved and has JRT/Whippet for company as well as Harry the cat !

After Eugene/Harvey’s return, I thought you might like to see a happy oldie who’s loving life and wanted to thank you for the last 10 happy years with her – and hopefully many more to come.

So I’ve attached her ‘Bond’ picture from about 3 years ago and a recent one showing her grey hairs

Thanks Debs for all you do.

Katie the 'Bond' girl

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