Eight years today

Hi Deb
lupe Norfolk 2 2015
It’s Lupe’s ‘Gotcha Day’ today. Eight years since I picked her up from Moorside Farm. She stood for the whole 50 minute journey home on the back seat of my Corsa!  I still have the text on my phone that you sent me saying you had a “sweet little black girl” that needed a home. You were right. She’s one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She loves everyone. She’s not black anymore though – more silver now. She’ll be eleven in June. She’s still loves a run on the beach but it doesn’t take as much to tire her now.

Otter & Taya

I got this email last week.
” It is with a heavy heart I am emailing you this morning.
A few years ago we adopted Otter and Taya from you.
They have both been wonderful dogs, however me and my partner  split up last year and she is really struggling to look after them properly. I can not have pets in my new house, and as per the adoption agreement we must return them to you.
We are struggle to afford proper vet care for both of them (otter has really bad teeth), as well as just basic food and the time they need to be cared for correctly.  We believe the best thing for them at this stage is to possibly be returned to yourselves. 
If this is a possibility we  would however struggle to get them to you as we do not have access to a car at present.
They are both excellent dogs, Otter still has his teeth problems but still loves to carry a bottle with him on walks, like i said previously we are just really struggling to give them the support and lives they both deserve.”

I get emails/calls occasionally when people want to bring old dogs back. I still have no idea if Sheila and Topper are still alive. “i’m moving, I can’t take them and Sheila’s on her last legs anyway.” followed by a barrage abuse saying I don’t care about the dogs.
You nasty, nasty old woman.

So Otter and Taya are now living with Sam. No thank you, nothing from the pair who I rehomed these dogs to, 5 years ago. Both dogs are now 10years old. What I will tell you pair is that these dogs are a disgrace. Otter’s teeth are awful, did you not notice he is emaciated or did you just not care? Taya’s teeth are shocking and her gums are rotting. She feels better now with some pain relief. Both are on antibiotics and will have dentals as soon as they are fit. Did you not notice she was in pain, the distant look in her eyes? Or did you just not care.
By the way, Sam did really well being polite to you…..Really well…..because unlike you she does care and she will look after these dogs until their dying days.
Me? I am gutted that I trusted you. It was my mistake letting you have these dogs….

Great North Run Support

James one of our supporters is running the Great North Run on the 11th September 16 in aid of Tia Rescue. Here is the link to his Just giving page.


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