One of the main reasons for the move here was to get the dogs before they are disposed of.

Today I went to Askern, one of the local independent tracks. I have no problem with Askern. I don’t know why I chose today, but when I got there it was a massive meeting. 16 races.

I put word out that I was there, not that I needed to and that I had room for some bitches and a couple of dogs…

Here they are, in the nick of time….The first 3 black ones are two brothers and one sister to Many Memories ( Annie ) the same litter.

They all came from a trainer in the North East who has recently had her license taken off her for drugging her dogs. They were all sold to Askern about 6 months ago. They are all registered with the GBGB but were no good and were passed on for flapping. They are all useless at racing…

The black boy and the brindle boy were at the track too, in the kennels…Finished…

So that was my afternoon….obviously I didn’t have room for them, but some serious re shuffling. Blythe relocated into the garage and there you have it.

All flead and wormed….discovered sausages…and off to bed they go with a new life in front of them……


Farewll Honcho

gabbi-may-2013-336x218Carol Stevens  FB Gabbi New Coat 9 June 2015 001

Farewell Honcho  bn 18.06.2003  died 09.12.2015

Farewell Gabbi my beautiful old girl…

Gabbi was bought and owned by the same guy for 9 years. She lived on allotment. I had known of her for years and eventually after much asking, I got her. She has been no trouble at all. She didn’t even trouble me that she was ill. She was coughing yesterday. She died this morning just before breakfast. She was fast asleep on her bed, heart attack probably. She will have been furious that she missed her breakfast.

She loved her food my Gabbi……Deb


Newts, newts and more newts. There are so many here you can watch them on a night…..I think we need to start charging Newt lovers to come and watch them…

We cannot build anything here, anything at all, until we have had a survey done….The only downside is that the survey is going to cost a minimum of £15,000

£15,000 that we haven’t got..

So we are stuck….between a rock and a hard place…with the newts……

No buildings, no kennels, no nothing….


Betty the Boxer

Betty (2)

Just over 5 years ago Deb entrusted Betty to me, she had been found by the dog warden wandering the streets, I saw her on the website with the headline ‘I am not a greyhound get me out of here’ She came with a big personality and her own rules which we duly followed, in return we had 5 happy years. She passed away yesterday after becoming suddenly very ill. We are heartbroken but grateful for every day spent with her. So thank you Deb…… Ps her favourite food was morning toast, breakfast is not the same now…

Betty (3)Betty (1)


Hang on to your seats..

Loddon are still being an absolute nightmare and we are stuck with this excuse for a kennel block. It is highly likely that we will be taking them to court. They are still trading and are using pictures of the piece of garbage in our yard, as ” one we built earlier ” They are unbelievable…..

Skipton shop has now closed. Thanks to all our supporters over the years and to Emma and Marcia who were with us for a long time and made a lot of money for Tia. We simply couldn’t be tied into another, very expensive lease…

Thorne shop has doubled its takings. The ex manager was drinking the profits, yes really…..

We will be closing Burnley at Xmas so there will be lots of bargains there over the next few weeks.

We also welcome Julie who will be full time in the office…she has lots of experience and the office will now be manned most of the time….

Darron has taken over managing the Halifax shop. Karen, his wife runs Hebden and Todmorden, he will also be doing the van driving so if you have anything to pick up please ring the Halifax shop..

We are in need of cutlery, plates, dishes, mugs, pans, plastic containers and anything else you have stashed away that you don’t use in your cupboards, for the café..

We need help this weekend decorating the café/grotto.

And finally, we have around 90 dogs here wanting a home for Xmas…..Lots of turkeys to steal…

Think that’s it for now…