Hi Deb, bit about our lovely boy as requested…




You might have known him as Roman. He came into my life in April as a golden oldie at 12ish.

romano (1)romano (3)


This lovely big daft old lad, didn’t particularly like people and hated kids. He’d been at Tia for years being passed by, as he was ‘too big’ or ‘too black.’ Destined to become a sponsor dog due to lack of interest. He loved the outdoors frequently telling Deb he didn’t want to come in which is why she thought of me having him when I developed a gap in my pack.

romano (2)

He arrived.

He wandered in taking no notice of all the attention he got. He inserted himself into the pack at the bottom and gleefully stayed there with absolutely no pack responsibilities. On his first day I had to ground him twice and make him have a good sleep – he walked around my field until he collapsed ..twice! Daft old sod. After realising it wasn’t all going to disappear he got the hang of it. He particularly liked his evening stroll when he wandered around for a good half hour on his own. If I was out in the garden he stuck by my side.


His street cred took a dive.

He decided that snuggling wasn’t so bad after all. He took to grinning like a fool when I came home from work and called his name (which by this time had morphed into Romano!). He frequently went to sleep smiling, especially when I covered him up in a blanket on a cold night. He even started to get on with other folk… people that visited and met him all fell in love with him.


He met Uncle Alan.

My vet, Alan. He hated getting in the car anyway… especially as he normally only went out to see uncle Alan. Teeth out, corn sorted… life was good again!


He departed.

His back legs started to fail – he had the longest back you’ve ever seen – all the better to get your arms around him! His back failed and he became incontinent. He couldn’t get up or get out. Life was miserable. We took the final trip to see Uncle Alan. Devastating.


His legacy.

Yes he was black, but his coat was gorgeous. It shimmered in the sun. It didn’t stop him loving any less and being loved back.

Yes he was big, but you wouldn’t have noticed. He was often found flopped in a sunny spot snoozing. Never once got under my feet, and was always ready to indulge in a bit of snuggling or head scratching.

He was one of the loves of my life even though I only knew him for 7 months.


Give these beautiful black dogs a chance, they’ll love you for it, and despite yourself you’ll love them right back.

Kind regards,


Yesterday we let Hutch go. Our thanks (and his) go out to Pickering Vets who called us all those years ago. Just another big black dog, he lived a full life at Tia and will be much missed. A glance at our geriatric ward (the house) leaves us in no doubt that we are in for a pasting in the near future.

This is what we wrote back then.

Hutch came under Tia’s protection in 2010. His entire career was spent at Nottingham winning no less than 8 out of his 38 races. Alas, he was given away on Preloved to a known idiot in North Yorkshire. Hutch is not the first dog from this man that Tia has had to help.

Hutch was collected on theThursday, lamped on Saturday night and handed in to the Vets with a smashed hock on the Monday morning. Hutch was used to running on perfectly raked sand after an electric hare, not rough terrain after swerving bunnies. Upon hearing the amount required to fix the leg (not that he had the slightest intention of doing so) he threatened to shoot him. The Practice called us and a volunteer brought him to the kennels. The hock was very badly broken and consequently his exercise must be carefully supervised. Hutch will never be able to run for the sheer joy of it again.



Then in September 2013 he became ill.


Update on Me….Hutch

As if it wasn’t bad enough that no one has even glanced at me these past two years, I now have bloody cancer. My mom has known for a while, the vet said I hadn’t, but mom was right…it’s sneaky that’s why they couldn’t find it…, lymphoma, but in my bones..I shouldn’t be here according to my blood count… But I am….unfortunately the house is full, with Buddy and Beauty, they aren’t well either. Thia isn’t either. She has had cancer a long while, but it has spread into her chest, she’s started coughing.

So that’s four of us, all needing lots of tlc and extra treats…the staff at the local supermarkets think mom has totally lost the plot. How many sausage rolls, family packs of ham and chicken can you get in a trolley???

I would love to have had a home and to mom’s astonishment i can do stairs, though that isn’t what she was screaming when I legged it up into the flat.


I will be 8 in November….don’t think i’ll make it though….Hutch…

Mom was wrong there!


Miami Bound bn November 2005-2015 Forgotten Athlete




Not enough dog.

That’s what came over the phone three years ago. The adopter wanted to return her immediately citing a string of reasons why Molly had never been the right dog for them during six whole years. One of them was that she was a bit boring, Deb couldn’t trust herself to do the meeting.

Karen came to the rescue and gave a thoroughly bewildered cast off eight year old  a soft place to fall, cared for and protected her for the rest of her life. Molly slipped through her fingers on Sunday and will be much missed. For Tia’s part, some you don’t forget. Sweet little girl. Goodnight pumpkin.

Thank you Karen.


Dear Deb,
I don’t know if you remember Molly – you look after so many dogs – but I just thought I’d let you know that she was put to sleep at home on Sunday.

Not long after I got her she was diagnosed with kidney failure, and then heart failure, and after a close call last Christmas where she was rushed to the vets, we were told she was living on borrowed time. Nevertheless, she outlived all expectations and reached her 11th birthday, despite being given back to you by her previous owners because she was “old” and “boring” when she was just 8 years old.

She was a sweet, eager to please, slightly cheeky girl and we were lucky to have her.

We’ll miss her
Karen xx



AKA Many Memories has now put 5.8 kilos on and weighs 19.8 kilos.

She has a long way to go but is doing really well…


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