Monsieur T hits France

T’s having a great time in France. He especially loves the beaches. Thanks for making all this possible.

Vicky x Monsieur TMr T





Just a quick update on Merlin now he’s been home for a couple of weeks.

All is going really well – he was good as gold in the car on the way home, and he and Minnie were both pleased to see each other. As you can see from the photo, they’re like an old married couple already!

He’s settled right into our routine, he hasn’t had a single accident and he’s very quickly got used to me going out to work – he doesn’t even bother leaving the sofa to see me off any more.

I think his depression improved almost as soon as he realised he was back in a home with a new hound girl for company, but I’ve definitely seen a bigger change this last week. He’s loving playing with his toys, he’s been really friendly with other dogs we’ve met on our walks and he’s started upside-downing on the sofa, which must be the sign of a settled hound!!

I’m so pleased it’s worked out, Minnie is much happier again too and it does feel like a positive out of a really sad situation. I still miss Milo so much, but knowing that Minnie is happy and that Merlin has responded so well to being at home again definitely helps.

Thanks again,


We're on our way..


We’re on our way off to Hersham Hounds.. No idea what it’s going to be like but we’ve been promised sunshine and cooked chicken… See you all at dinner time….Can’t wait. Jayden, Pedro, Foster, Lewis, Nicole, Zelda, Winoa and Susie/Aiofe   P1000200

Short update

The new kennel block is unlikely to be ever fit to be used and we are having a legal battle with the suppliers. Loddon Engineering.

It was the only thing that we have spent a lot of money on, the only thing that had to be right and it isn’t….This was funded by Cameron’s legacy, it is an insult to his memory.. The plaque that was supposed to go on the building at the end of June is in the office….It will not be going on it, ever. It will go on one of the other blocks in the New Year…

To add insult to my charity, the dogs are going to have to spend the winter in the bloody awful barn. We will make it okay for them as you all know. We are installing the old heater from Moorside and the walls will be carpeted…The holes plugged with plastic sheets…It’s like being back in the stables 20years ago…No lighting, no water in a barn that should have been pulled down months ago…..

I’m not going to whinge because I know it will be okay in the end. It always is……that’s my job.

The purpose of this post is that we need quilts…..hundreds of them….

We have around 80 dogs here…..

Thank you    Deb

Our dogs down South in Dorset.

Adopted by one of our favourite families who are never far from our thoughts. Ellie is an Italian greyhound who came in riddled with mange, still bearing the tell tale signs of a recent litter. She must have cost an eye watering amount as a puppy but was dumped once she was no longer needed.

Titan is also a Tia dog and a great daft lump who knows his place. They have their own sofas and live in Paradise.

Best wishes Guys and Gals and thanks as always.



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