The New Kennel Block

The new kennel block is an absolute unusable disgrace. I haven’t the time or energy to tell you what is wrong with it.

I asked my friend Wendy if she would put her greyhounds in it. Her reply ” I wouldn’t put one of my sausage dogs in there”.

To cut a very long story short, the cowboy sub contractors have been sacked and the company are going to put it right……It’s going to have to come down and be redone.

Please trainers/owners hang onto your dogs, I know I’ve been saying 2 weeks since the beginning of June, but yes really, it should only be another 2 weeks.

Not Happy…..Not Happy AT ALL…Deb


This news article was originally published on the 2nd August.

It is now the 29th September and the kennel block is still as it was.

It was supposed to be finished at the end of June.

As it is the dogs are going to have to live in the bloody awful, leaking, freezing barn which should have been knocked down by now and turned into a paddock for the dogs.

Yes I am on with it….Deb



You won't see him.

You won’t see him the lovely lemon fawn greyhound boy.

I did, I saw him last year when I picked Malkin, Inca and Maya and Danny with the bad feet up from Scotch corner.

He was on the back of the van with the rest of his dogs, they’d all been to the track.

Ah look at him!

He’s not very good but I’ve got to give him a chance, get him going.

When you’ve done with him I’ll have him.


He came here 3 weeks ago the lemon fawn boy, with his brother and another 6 finished dogs, some old some young, some raced, some not.

You won’t ever see him, the lovely lemon fawn boy. We rushed him to the vets Saturday evening. He died Sunday Morning. He had a tumour/bleed in his lung.

2 years old was the lovely, lemon fawn boy.  I saw him…….

Social Media

As most of you will know, I am not a fan…I prefer to be with the animals than tapping away on the computer.

Anyway, ages ago, against my better judgement, the Friends of Tia page was set up. It reached nearly 1000 likes.

It has now been changed to Henry Greyhound Friends. This page has nothing to do with Tia.

Phil Grimshaw who is no longer a Trustee of Tia is running the page. He has no involvement with Tia at all and I can only apologise to you all who feel pressured by his requests…



A week after the brilliant Open Day and we still haven’t finished putting everything away..

It’s dropped really cold here, yes I’ve gone soft already. 2 of the horses have actually come down with flu. I’m really worried about Wizz, he was the first pony I ever got and despite vet treatment, weight is just dropping off him and now he has got this cold…

Most of you will remember my barriers, beagle x harriers, that I had at Moorside for the past 10 years. Tom, Dick & Harriet. Well we lost Dick the week before the Open Day. My weekend girls from Hebden Bridge were here, the 2 weeks prior to the Open Day, getting everything sorted out.  We were all with him at the end…very sad..

On the actual day, we were planning to have Hutch put to sleep. He has been fighting his disease for a long while and the time seemed right. However Sunday morning he changed his mind and is still battling on. He’s a fighter my Hutch.

The new kennel block is still ongoing….but i’m getting very worried now. The weeks are flying by and the old knackered barn was freezing last night. We are going to have to spend money on a building that should not be up just to keep the dogs safe…It is like taking a massive step backwards…The dogs were only supposed to be in there until the end of June….

On a good note, Skye Lance, Ricky, Sherlock, Jacob, Harry Gee and Calista have gone home and Royston, Hilda, Melina, Alfie, Ricardo and Landon are all reserved…I wish we could rehome that many, 13, every few weeks.

Ooops that doesn’t add up. We’ve had just this week,  2 come in from the allotment, 2 from a trainer at Stainforth, 4 from trainers at Kinsley and 8 from a trainer in Cumbria….16

Still there isn’t a problem with greyhound racing, is there……..Deb



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