Vet Room

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The new vet room is up and running. Chris from Donaldson’s thinks it’s brilliant..

Chester wasn’t so impressed….poor lad..

Maci Grey and Ellie

Megan Madden's photo.
Megan Madden's photo.
Best surprise!! Meet Ellie (foal). From a mare (Macy) we’ve only had three weeks, she failed to sell at any sales so we welcomed her into the herd, she’s a beauty and proving to be the best mother


So we have been here five months now and we love it.. Sadly i have trapped a nerve in my neck and have been unable to do anything. Anything at all..Nightmare

It had been painful for a while…and probably would have been okay if we hadn’t nearly lost Bluebell. It was never going to be easy getting her here and to be honest i was surprised she was still alive after the journey…She launched herself out of the van and if it hadn’t of been for a friend of mine, a greyhound man, she would have without doubt escaped and that would have been the end of Bluebell…She was so terrified she was just biting…He only had her by her foot so i had to rugby tackle her and get hold of her back end…She bit us all over…Be bitten or let go? No brainer really..

She is in the garage with Gabbi, Hutch, Freddie, Danny & Piper…A right set of oldies….Who are i might add missing their weekend chicken!! Yes you know who you are!!

We now have just short of 70 dogs here. We have new staff and lots of new dogs and horses.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped, house sitters, transporters, painters, gardeners, photographer and foster parents…we now need help at the farm, on a regular basis. The work has just begun….

It is a massive project that we are taking on, well no it’s not really, it’s just the same but in a better location. We have 70 acres here…and all i can see is horses grazing in the fields, greyhounds lounging in the sunshine, families coming for a day out and  school kids running riot in the orchard….learning, obviously…..

In fact it is so warm and peaceful here that we have a colony of newts…Noy just any old newts but massive greater crested newts…Something else to look after….

The new kennel block is a disaster. It was supposed to take 8 weeks to build and erect. We are now in the 24th week and it is still not right. We are going to build the rest of the kennel blocks ourselves like we did at Moorside. We just presumed this massive firm were on top of the job. We were wrong.

We are going to have to re plan the site because of the newts, but it doesn’t matter….Everything happens for a reason and the newts have every right to be here…

We have very limited phone reception here, so if you need to contact us please email Jo…you are more likely to get a reply…Thankyou…everyone…Deb




Thankyou to my previous owners who dumped me.

In the space of 11 days, I was adopted from the stray kennel, returned last night, rushed to a vets, then rushed to another vets in Huddersfield.

Where incidentally I was dumped, in Huddersfield.

Trouble is I caught a very bad stomach bug that rotted my whole body. The staff at the stray kennel sorted out all the transport, Tia have footed the bill and Halifax Pet Crematorium will be picking me up soon. My ashes will be spread at Tia. I wish I had made it there….

Thanks to everyone who supports Tia because at least there  wasn’t a budget and I got the best care. I died in the arms of a veterinary nurse, all warm and snug.

Wish I hadn’t been dumped though….


Charlie Big Nose

image (1)charlie


Not exactly pining for us then Charlie?  Apple of his devoted mum’s eye.  A great big 36kg lump.

Someone peel me a grape.


Snowy Slaney



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