Most of you will know the vets that we used for the past four and a half years.

We had to change for a variety of reasons, including the move.

When we left them in March this year, we asked them for a final bill. The bill was paid.

They then came back to us and said we still owed around £1,700 as they hadn’t worked it out properly.

Rumours have also spread from the same vets that we have left owing a considerable amount of money.

As far as Tia is concerned, we asked for a final bill and the bill was settled.

They have since decided to pursue the £1,700 through the courts.

Tia has always had an excellent reputation for paying bills. In fact I was once told off by our voluntary accountant for paying as soon as the bills came in and not waiting the 30 days…

How much do you think Tia’s vet bills have been over the past four and a half years, at this vets?

Around £215,000


Cecil – homeward bound!

This was Cecil when he arrived just 3 weeks ago, such a sad and painfully thin dog.

Cecil 30 June 2015 001

But we are very happy to say that he left with his new parents today – a proud, happy and well nourished chap enjoying his new travel bed and looking forward to being treated like a king!

We wish him well xx

Cecil  20 July 2015 001

Wroot Feast


This little girl has pygmy goats and alpaca’s at home. She couldn’t resist the greyhounds though…

It was a lovely day at Wroot Feast…


Thanks to the lowlife who just dumped the beautiful big black greyhound boy outside the gates.

He didn’t come straight in, he chased you down the road. Fortunately one of our neighbours caught him and brought him in.

I will find out who you are and I will come and see you….That is a promise….

MN RZV  958000010139639

Next time, grow a pair and bring the dog in…..Deb

Little Frankie

Just look at him now.

Hi Deb,

Really pleased to let you know Little Frankie has fit into the family perfectly and is well loved by everyone, especially my two whippets Oscar and Tilly.
He’s still very cheeky and keeps us on our toes, mainly when there is food about. However he’s now used to regular feeding times so doesn’t feel the need to wolf his food down like he used to.
He is loving long walks and being able to run off the lead. He always comes back though (he knows we have the food).
He still needs some training when it comes to other dog as he doesn’t understand why not everyone wants to run and play as much as he does, but he is learning quickly and improving everyday.
Overall he is just enjoying being spoilt and pampered, which is exactly what he deserves after all he’s been through.


Lindsay, Eddie & Frankie

Frankie (2)Frankie


Wedding Stars No.2!


“Hello!  I just thought I would send you some photos of the dog table names from the wedding. Marion, thank you so much for sending us the photos of the dogs and the sponsor information. I know at least one person said they would sponsor a dog but hopefully more did too. We made our donation too before the wedding; a much better way to spend our money than on rubbish wedding favours in our opinion. Anyway, thanks again for your help.Chris & Jen (low res for social  media don't print from   these)-625


Chris & Jen (low res for social  media don't print from   these)-206Jen, Chris and Ripley AKA The Sharples Family


Chris & Jen (low res for social  media don't print from   these)-200Chris & Jen (low res for social  media don't print from   these)-201PS. Ripley couldn’t make the wedding but you may notice that we had a stand in.”Chris & Jen (low res for social  media don't print from   these)-65Chris & Jen (low res for social  media don't print from   these)-270


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