Wedding Stars!!

“Echo and Seb were bridesmaid and page at Helen and Sam’s wedding in Kendal on Saturday 27 June.  Echo has the yellow bandana and Seb has the blue.  They were both very popular at the photo session outside the Registry Office and they are a credit to Tia and all your efforts in rescuing these beautiful dogs.  The wedding was all 50s style with a vintage car and bus, with the bride, groom and human bridesmaids all in 50s American attire. ”

Don’t they all look absolutely fabulous!!

Helen Entwhistle 001

Meris & Roman

meris and Romanmeris and Roman (2)

As promised an update on my golden oldies!



Roman and Meris, destined to be sponsor dogs until I showed up on the day of the move, with space for two oldies in my pack. They’ve been with me ever since and are an absolute pleasure. They slotted straight into the pack with no fuss, no raging hormones telling them to fight their way to the top, just a clear acceptance that they weren’t in charge (and you think I mean I am..!). They were trotting around with my other 5 in our dog proofed 2 acre field within 2 hours of landing.



12 year old Roman (AKA ‘Romano’ and ‘Daft old fart’), decided that all of this was a dream and much like Brigadoon it would be gone tomorrow, so he stopped out in the field until he collapsed… twice. I made him come in for a long kip! He’s much better now, his fitness is building nicely and he trots around with a smile on his face!



Meris, (7ish?) (AKA ‘Merissia’ and ‘Nervous Nelly’), spends much of her time either flat out in the sun on the lawn or in a little grass nest somewhere in the field, like a little black fawn! When she’s not there she’s usually stalking me for snuggles.



They have both discovered toys. Roman has also discovered squeakers. He plays tunes for us most nights during all the best TV of course, a bit of an accompaniment. Then he hides all ‘his’ best toys down one corner of a settee – usually stuck out somewhere though!  Meris usually grabs the nearest furry toy, kills it, guts it, has a ‘giddy kipper’ around the house, and then lands back on earth ready for a meal. Obviously a working girl like my whippet Charlie Weasel – toys are all made for gutting. Not sure I’m ever going to get used to snow in the house, twice per day all year round tho!…or a line of toys all needing hospitalisation!



I’ve sent a few photos, one of Meris after a field nap, contemplating another! One of Romano laughing, out with us in the field, and one of a few of my kids – you’ll recognise Rosie (AKA Snap) and Riley, the other is Rufus (AKA Pooper) ‘the puppy from Thorne’ that never made it back to Tia – 2006! Riley is off on one and they’re all looking at him thinking ‘There’s always one, and it’s always him!’ (Meefy – my pack leader and ‘The Weasel’ up to no good somewhere else!)



Hope you had a lovely Birthday!



Sam, Meefy, Pooper, Rosie, Riley, Meris, Romano, and Charlie Weasel!



Kind regards,




Sarah and Mandy update

image image“We thought you’d like an update on how Sarah and Mandy are settling in.

When we took them in on a temporary foster just before Tia moved, you (Deb) and everyone else said they wouldn’t be coming back to the kennels … and of course you were right!  We’ve had them 2 months now and (although it’s a cliche) we can’t imagine not having them around.

The girls’ personalities are starting to show.  Sarah spends most of her time asleep, although she gets excited when it’s food time.  She likes to charge around and throw herself on her bed, before leaping up again and turning 180 degrees mid-air.  It’s a bizarre sight to behold, not bad for a 12 year old!  Mandy’s much calmer and happy to to take her lead from Sarah most of the time.  Mandy’s also taken a real shine to Sue and follows her around unless told to ‘wait’ … or if she decides her bed’s too comfy!

They’re both affectionate and love to have their necks rubbed/scratched.  Sarah’s the boss, but Mandy lets her know if she takes things too far.

The girls sleep in our basement which is heated, has plenty of floor space and a door to the back of the house.  They have a bed that’s more than big enough for the two of them and they love it down there.

We’ve been in touch with Mark and he’s passing an update and some pictures to their former owner.  He was able to tell us Sarah’s racing name (‘Dance Sarah’) which seems appropriate!

To anyone thinking of having a greyhound (or greyhounds) I’d say “do it”, but please consider the oldies if they fit your lifestyle.  They need very little in way of exercise (Sarah and Mandy are happy with one 20 minute walk a day and a couple of 5 minute sessions playing with their toys), and spend the rest of the day relaxing.  Give them a comfy bed, food, some TLC and a few toys of their own and you’ll receive their love as they see out their retirement in well-deserved comfort.

image image

Dent now Dennis

Poor Dennis is totally distraught at missing out on the brand new kennel block accommodation.


He is quickly learning the ropes and has already had his first thieve. Not bad for 24 hours.

Thank you Anna and Lee for giving him a chance. He really doesn’t know how fortunate he is. Big paw prints to fill and a tough act to follow.! Don’t blow it big lad.


Foster dogs

To all you lovely people out there who have had foster dogs for me whilst we moved.

Just to let you know that the new kennel block is coming tomorrow so I will be in touch to see when and if you want to bring the dogs back in.

Thanks to everyone, we couldn’t have done it without you…can’t wait to get the 20 in from the allotment too…Deb

Dogs Trust

The Greyhound Industry:

Don’t bet on fair treatment


[info]The following item is from the Dogs Trust website.


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Dogs Trust Image

The Welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations (2010) were brought in after huge pressure from charities, MPs, media and the public to ensure that the industry ‘cleaned up its act’ and that the welfare of the dogs involved was better protected.  However, at the time, Dogs Trust and others, warned that the regulations did not go far enough to address welfare concerns, particularly as the regulations focused on self-regulation of the industry on only one aspect – the track.  Five years on, we are now absolutely adamant that the regulations and the Greyhound Board of Great Britain are failing to deliver the improvements that we need to happen if all Greyhounds are to be protected.

The regulations have failed to deliver the improvements required to protect racing Greyhounds from cradle to grave.

… the scope of the regulations only covers the welfare of Greyhounds when they are racing at a track, where they spend less than 10% of their time.

… there is a clear need for an independently monitored inspection scheme and legislation to be brought in to cover the conditions in which Greyhounds are housed in ‘off track’ kennels…

[info]A detailed report of the Dogs Trust Investigation is available in pdf format.

Click Here to to read the full report.


Conditions in at least three of the trainers’ kennels would, in the opinion of the investigators, severely breach both GBGB minimum standards Rule 212 and CIEH Guidance on Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.

…… This trainer knew every dog by name and could give in depth details about their racing careers and their medical history. …………He raised concerns that he believed the majority of breeders and sellers from Ireland did not have the dogs’ best interests at heart
The majority of dogs were deemed to be in good health however, serious concerns were raised regarding potential cross contamination between dogs and humans due to lapsed hygiene. There were also concerns over the kennel’s inadequate firefighting equipment

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