YBS Team-Building Days at Tia


A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to the Yorkshire Building Society team who spent two team-building days here at Mill Race in May, for all their hard work (weeding, groundwork, dog-walking, field-clearing etc) and to the photos they have sent to us. One photo is shown here but several more have been uploaded to the Tia FB page.

What difference to being in the office!!

The Tia Mill Race Brick Appeal 2015

Tia 26 April 2015  FB 020

The Tia Doves have their home sorted out, but there is still a great deal to accomplish elsewhere at Mill Race Farm, as those who have been able to visit already know.

In previous years, the Brick Appeal has made a terrific difference to the lives of the many rescued animals who find their way to us.
The move to Mill Race is fantastic, but a boost to the funding is vitally necessary, so that all our plans come to fruition.

Please consider donating to this fund – we thank you so much for doing this, every pound really does make a difference. Click on’Help Us’ on the top banner to find the link. Thank you again.

The Orchard Paths

Orchard Walkway

Orchard Walkway

Pathways around the orchard are now in place and provide a safe and tranquil dog walk – sharing the area with the resident barn owl!

Freddie and Rosie

Hi Debra,
Chris and I adopted two lovely greyhounds from Tia back in February. We only just got our new house and with everything it’s been crazy hence the reason why I only write now. Freddie and Rosie settled in pretty quick, within a few weeks their aloofness was replaced by affection and lots of it. Rosie just wants to lick your face all the time whilCline and Kellilea….e Freddie will stand for ages enjoying cuddles and his neck being scratched. 
We had small accidents in the house at first but they learned pretty quickly and without excessive shouting that the garden is for all that. They don’t mind being left whilst we are at work, they now know we always come back for them. We’ve set up a large pen and they seem to understand that’s where they snooze during the day. We’ve got a small live feed camera and I assure you, all they do is sleep! Freddie doesn’t like other dogs, at the moment. He barks and gets all wound up when he sees them walking especially if it’s a small fury breed. We’ve contacted Jim The Dog Man 😉 and he’s helping us overcome this. They are such lovely natured dogs that I’m sure we will. Neither Rosie nor Freddie had any issues accepting two small cockatiels we have in our front room. 
Although we knew quite a bit about rescue greyhounds, it took us both by surprise how lazy and affectionate they are. if you are thinking of adopting a greyhound please do as what you will gain is a forever friend.

Thank you Debra and everybody at Tia, without you we would never come across such wonderful companions. 
I’ve attached a couple of photos during their favourite past time activity – sleeping. 

Chris, Maggie, Freddie & Rosie

(.Cline and Kellilea….)

Freddie & Rosie (1)

Static caravan

We have a temporary static caravan on site whilst the works are being carried out. If you can come and help and want to stay over please get in touch and we can book you in…Sorry it’s not for holidays guy’s…

There is a lot of work to do here and we need all the help we can get.


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