Just in Time

Just in time for Mother’s Day we have these new aprons…beautifully modelled, after a short protest, by my weekend girls, Susie, Chloe & Becca….

To say i am going to miss these 3 is an understatement…if we ever get moved…

Anyhow the aprons are £7.95 and will be available in all the shops and on Ebay very soon… Deb



The Politics

As some of you will be aware Defra are holding a consultation in the next few months.

It is the politics…To see if the The Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 have done any good…

They are doing a survey…whoppeee dooo..

If it had of done any good we wouldn’t be moving.    Deb



.defra 001


Leave us alone God

We have lost enough dogs lately. Tia is really taking a pasting with oldies leaving us. News of another this morning from our friends Anna and Lee. Goodnight Bobby Connor. An absolute gentlemen of a dog and taken too soon.

damn damn damn




Hi Deb,

We took Niko for a trial just before christmas and came back with her in the new year to adopt her. We just wanted to send you some photos and let you know how she is getting on.
She has settled in almost perfectly and we couldn’t really have asked for more especially considering that we have the two cats. To start with the cats both put her in her place but now they get along great and give it a few more months I’m sure they will be the best of friends or partners in crime, who knows. She loves going on walks although we still tops out at about 25/30mins and she can go no more. I don’t think you could find a much friendlier dog she makes friends with all manner of dogs from chihuahua’s to Japanese akita’s and has even made friends with the highland cow at the bottom of our garden. We have no concerns with her temprement and has not worn a muzzle since christmas really killing off most peoples first thoughts that she would be aggressive and a tyrant. She turned out to be great with kids recently making good friends with a 9 week old baby but above all else she just loves people, saying hello to anyone an everyone she meets. As you can see she loves settling down on anything soft as with most greyhounds but she settles down in our bed like a human when she is allowed on a weekend morning. She isn’t fussy with food and doesn’t mind some alone time when we are out or at work.
Could we just say a big thank you and if our story can possibly help one more dog get adopted then thats great.
Thanks Ben and Jen
Looking cute is so tiring.

Looking cute is so tiring.

niko (2)



It’s Holly’s turn to leave us today….

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