Please note the dogs for rehoming is not up to date.

We have had a lot of dogs in this last month and can’t  keep up.

Anyone free to come and take pictures please?


In 2014  year we rehomed 215 dogs.

146 greyhounds, 68 lurchers and 1 Italian Greyhound…..there is no way the site can ever be up to date…We do try…

The kennels are full, we have 34 in foster and 12 boys on allotments…..




Xmas Eve

Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

It was a brilliant  turnout.  Thanks to everyone who came to help and thanks to staff and volunteers in the Halifax shop for a great day…

Special thanks to Chloe & Becca for looking after Dandy & Beano…

£723.77 was raised..


Rehoming Kinsley dogs Update

We are doing really well rehoming and have done all year, I hope it continues.

We have rehomed about 140 dogs already this year. The dogs come from all over the country from different tracks, owners, trainers and stray kennels.

It was only last November when the part owner of Kinsley stadium threw a hissy fit and stormed out of  his own bar, shouting “under no circumstances do any Kinsley trainers take their dogs to Tia Rescue”

Well so far we have rehomed 19 Kinsley dogs and have another 17 here waiting in the kennels….

I wonder how many they have actually sent to their designated rescue……….5

And where does all that money go that you raise for their retirement.  What is it,  35k or 40k?



Since this article was publlshed in June another 4 greyhounds have been taken into their designated rescue and Kinsley stadium have come to an arrangement with the RGT.

The RGT have agreed to take 60 dogs a year from Kinsley.

On average that’s just over 1 dog a week.

It’s a shame that the problem had to be highlighted in the first place. Deb


UPDATE  December 2014

SInce this article was published in June, some of the trainers are now actually too scared to bring their dogs in to Tia. Some are sneaking them in, hoping the track owner won’t find out and some are ignoring him completely and bringing their dogs in regardless.   Yes Really…

The genuine owners are bringing their dogs here and paying for their  retirement……Something just struck me the other day, sorry guys not a hard object…

Here’s the thing….

When you buy a raffle ticket at the track, you are indeed helping with a greyhounds retirement.

Hopefully the same greyhound will make it into a homing scheme.

So does the owner pay for the greyhound to go into a homing scheme out of their own pocket? Or do you pay for the greyhound to go into a homing scheme with your donations?

If it is the owner, where does the money go that you have given?

If it is what you have given, that means the owner doesn’t have to pay…Win. Win…for the tracks retirement fund anyway….




Saving Edna


EdnaEdna  (1)

This is the track; it’s noisy and loud,

see the lights glaring, the shouts from the crowd.

To make people money the greyhounds must run,

but this little greyhound didn’t think it much fun.


Cowering behind, right at the back,

the other dogs won, track after track.

She was frightened and scared, so she didn’t run fast,

always the loser, coming in last.


One day she was put in the back of a van.

Where was she going? Could she trust this man?

The man said “little dog, you’re much too slow,

I’m taking you to the rescue kennels, off we go”


They arrived at the kennels, where a kind lady said,

“We’ll call you Edna, and here’s your new bed”.


The kind lady stroked her and gave her some dinner,

Because in her eyes she was always a winner.

There are so many dogs for her to rescue,

a hundred in kennels and more in the queue.


Edna liked it there; she knew she was safe,

and wouldn’t be made to run any race.

She thought perhaps, there could be something more,

to her delight, one day, who should walk through the door…


…a family of four, who would take her home.

For Edna had spent enough time on her own.

They would love her, hug her and give her a bed,

the occasional bone and pats on the head.


So yes, it’s true, Edna wasn’t that fast,

she’s glad those racing days are in the past.

She has a home, a family, they all live together,

and that family know, they will love her forever.

Debate on Greyhound Welfare – 17/12/2014 – Westminster Hall



[info]I find it suprising when we are told how much greyhound racing makes for the country that so little is used to help the greyhounds during and after their racing lives. Debbie S[/info]


[info]Have listened and all it does is show the total ignorance of them about the numbers and welfare all they do is praise the 2 organisations that are in cahoots with the bookies ie GBGB and RGT when will they listen to the real greyhound rescues and campaingers never is the answer to that one.. Philip G[/info]

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