Hi Debs

Just to let you know our Spanner is 13 today. we adopted him from TIA 10 years ago.

He is still such a loving sweet boy.


SpannerSpanner (1)


It was so empty in the house this morning, it was awful…Yes I know I have five in but six is just a better number.

So much to Hutch’s dismay….Holly has moved in. In the front room, under the radiator with him..


They are both poorly and old. The vet doesn’t know how Hutch is still alive and poor Holly is like a hatrack. She can’t eat anything other than chicken or ham…Otherwise she just throws is straight back up…Deb

Bye Beauty

Friday we lost Charlie and yesterday we lost Beauty…

A bloody awful week..

Still Beautiful

Still Beautiful


A sad, sad day..


Charlie bn 19.03.01   died today 21.11.2014


Charlie……he came to Tia when he was done, he was 3yrs and 3months old, an injury to his wrist…he raced at Belle Vue then flapping.

I have loved this dog, for the past ten years and four months….

Many other people have loved him along the way, in fact he was probably one of the most loved greyhounds ever..

He shouted for me this afternoon whilst in his bed. Something was seriously wrong…..He died shortly afterwards in my arms…

I am so grateful I was by his side…

His kennel is empty tonight.

There are going to be a lot of upset weekend girls tomorrow…..Deb

Poppet now Pepper

Remember Poppet who was so seriously ill?


A few photos of Pepper aka Poppet and Mollie.  Name change due to looking Like salt and pepper when together.

Look’s like Mollie is trying to kill her but she gives as good as she gets.
She still has a cough but the vet has given her more medicine and is pleased with her progress
Will pop up to see you soon.
Sue &Stuart
Poppet (1)

Moving Home – Help Appreciated

two 3d humans carry a home in their handsAs mentioned in an earlier Post (See Here) Moorside Farm has been sold and all appears to be going to plan for the move to our new premises situated near Doncaster some time in the early New Year – Probably January.

The new premises are bigger to allow us to provide home and care for more dogs.

It is in a better location, close to the A1 and not likely to be snowed in for weeks on end in during winter.

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The average removal cost to move from a 3 bedroom house is around £1000.

But we have 100+ Greyhounds along with some heavy horses, Donkeys, Goats and all the tack, equipment , food, animal welfare fixtures and fittings needed to look after these animals. Tia’s costs are going to be substantially more than a £1000 and involve more than loading and unloading a Pickfords van.

At the moment we are all running around trying to prepare for the move whilst at the same time keeping up the high level of care for our animal guests.

We need some help !

Can you assist with any of the following :-

Transport of Greyhounds

Transport of Goats/Sheep/Horses

Transport of Food and equipment.

The move will not happen overnight. We have a 2 month window to build the new kennels. The dogs can stay here for a couple of months..Phew!!

What we do need is money and lots of it…so if you can do anything to help from coffee mornings, not sending xmas cards,  short term loans to Tia, anything…

Please get in touch…

Initially if you can email and give us contact details and details of how you can help us.

(if we don’t respond straight away – please bear with us – we won’t ignore you)

Thank You. Deb and all the greyhounds that will come through Tia in the future…..

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